United Grand Lodge of England
Seven Kings Lodge No. 2749
Seven Kings Lodge No. 2749
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Members of Seven Kings Lodge

These pages provide lists of the past and present officers of Seven Kings Lodge, individual pages have been dedicated to...

1. Current officers

2. Past Masters

3. Founders

4. Honorary Members

5. DSEM (award for distinguished service to essex masonry) Holders

  Other distinguished offices are
Treasurers of Seven Kings Lodge
W.Bro.H.Glibey L.R.
  1920-1922 W.Bro.R.J.Hatfield P.A.G.D.C., P.P.Treas.
  1922-1937 W.Bro.H.T.A.Moreden P.P.A.G.D.C.
  1937-1941 W.Bro.G.H.Jeff P.A.G.D.C., P.P.G.W.
  1941-1957 W.Bro.C.H.Strickland P.P.A.G.D.C.
  1957-1960 W.Bro.J.A.Pooley P.P.G.W.
  1960-1979 W.Bro.C.L.Tutt P.P.G.W.
  1979-2005 W.Bro.L.W.G.Tutt Ph.D., P.P.J.G.W.
  2005-Present W.Bro.D.D.Critchell P.PGSwdD, PZ
Secretaries of Seven Kings Lodge
  1910-1924 W.Bro.J.W.Stewart P.P.G.D
  1924-1928 W.Bro.F.C.Farnie P.P.G.D
  1928-1937 W.Bro.H.Verney P.P.G.D.
  1937-1960 W.Bro.A.R.Bolitho P.A.G.D.C., P.P.S.G.W.
  1960-1975 W.Bro.J.A.Pooley P.P.G.W
  1975-1993 W.Bro.R.J.Thompson P.P.J.G.W.
  1993-2003 W.Bro.P.J.Banks PAGDC, PProvJGW
  2003-2006 W.Bro. C. Whitehead PPAGReg
  2006-2007 W.Bro.P.J.Banks PAGDC, PProvJGW
  2007-2015 W.Bro. C. Whitehead PPAGReg
  2015-2018 W.Bro. K. Critchell PPGSwdB
  2018-Present W. Bro. K. Isaacs, PProvGSuptWks, SLGR